About The Club

The Bombay Sailing Association, a bit of a misnomer, is situated along the sea front, just off Mandwa Jetty in the greater Alibag area of Raigad district, Maharashtra, India. We are a sailing club with residential facilities. All the club bungalows have a spectacular sea view. There are tall trees that cover most of the properties and its soothing green foliage adds tremendously to the ambience. A welcome change from the bright lights of Bombay,if you like to spend a comfortable and quiet weekend or extended week away from the city, our very own Mandwa club is the place!! The setting is rustic yet comfortable. It radiates warmth which coupled with the closeness of the ocean allows you to relax; .an ideal place to unwind or spend quality time with your family not to mention, a great place to entertain friends too.

The Clubhouse has 5 residential rooms and a sleep out/dormitory on the water's edge. The Clubhouse has a fully equipped kitchen with staff. We also offer 7 private bungalows. These are exclusive cottages called Linger Longer (2 Rooms), Little Hut (2 Rooms), Windfall (3 Ac Rooms) ,Raha(2 Ac and one Non Ac Room) ,Tucked in (2 AC Rooms), Jhopdi (1 None AC Room) and Battery Park (2 AC rooms) for those of you who value privacy. All these shacks have individual shack assistants to help you in the kitchen, make beds and keep the premises clean and tidy for a comfortable stay

The sailing activities of the Association are conducted along with The Royal Bombay Yacht Club (RBYC) and the Colaba Sailing Club (CSC) who are our sister clubs. We jointly offer a full season sailing program which comprises of various races, training programs, day and weekend cruises.

You can go sailing in any of the boats belonging to the 3 clubs, which are in a common pool, when a boat of your club is not available. Hence you are mostly assured of getting a boat when you want one. The above boats do not include the Optimist boats for children provided by the 3 clubs. If you are so inclined, we would show you the quickest way to get an inside into the racing scene. The racing and cruising activities are mostly initiated at Mumbai from the RBYC premises to which the BSA members have access. There are some weekend races from Mumbai to Mandwa, which involves racing to Mandwa on Saturday afternoon, staying overnight at the BSA property and racing back Sunday afternoon.

For your children of 8 and above, we have a specially tailored sailing program. It's called the Joint Optimist Training Program. The optimist is a boat especially designed for children between the ages of 8 to 15. This program will do wonders for your child and is highly recommended. You need to fulfil only one prerequisite. The child must know how to swim.

The Committee is guided by The Rules and Byelaws of the Association drafted by our founding fathers.

The List of Office Bearers and Committee Members